massage therapy

The Basics of Your First Massage

Many people are nervous about getting a massage because they do not know what to expect. The idea of getting naked and letting someone else work on them can be intimidating. For others, the possible pain is enough to keep them away from trying out a massage. However, there are many benefits of massage therapy that everyone can enjoy including better health, stress relief, and better circulation. To help make a massage seem more accessible for you here is a brief overview of what you should expect so that you can feel prepared and less intimidated by the idea.

Prior to Your Massage

When you first arrive at a massage therapy in Minneapolis MN center you will simply talk with your massage therapist about your overall health and what you expect from the session. He or she will sit down with you for a few minutes to talk about your overall health and what goals you may have when it comes to your visit. They will take notes on your medical history, stress levels, physical condition, and lifestyle to note what may play a role in your massage. They will then talk to you about how they will use your massage time to help loosen your muscles.

Protecting Your Privacy

Personal privacy is the number one thing people worry about if they have never had a massage before. The good news is that your massage therapist will respect your privacy and always follow protocol when it comes to your body. You will be asked to take off clothes based on you level of comfort while the therapist is outside of the room. You then will lie down on the massage table and cover back up with a sheet. Prior to your massage you will likely fill out a sheet of paper that detail where you would like the massage to take place and you. On this same form you can x out any area of your body that you do not want massaged based on your comfort level.

During the Massage

Many massage therapists use lotion or oil so that their hands aren’t met with any friction on your body. They also may play music, but if this disturbs your ability to relax then you should tell the massage therapist. They also will ask you frequently if the pressure is okay, if at any time it is not be sure to tell them right away. During the massage you will lie face down on the massage table unless there is an area that you need to be face up to receive therapy on.

Most table massages will last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes based on the type of massage you book and the amount that you are willing to pay. When the massage is complete the massage therapist will leave the room and give you time to get dressed again in private. If you feel that your massage was excellent then you may leave a tip for your therapist but this is not a requirement.